Recruitment Services

Permanent Staffing

We help you hire industry-proven talent aligned to your people strategy

Every organization strives to create a sustainable competitive advantage for their business through their Human Capital. Human Capital are at the heart of everything. As seasoned experts in recruitment, we understand that. We also understand that hiring permanent employees is a serious commitment. Which is why we offer client-specific bespoke consultative recruitment solutions to help you acquire the right talent that fits your company’s values and organizational goals.
Most companies find the hiring process to be monotonous and stressful. They often find themselves neck-deep in resumes of candidates who are unfit for their job, project, or business. This exercise is resource intensive and companies end up wasting valuable time, energy, and money with little to show for at the end of it. There are multiple job portals out there which leads to duplication of profiles and few suitable qualitative profiles to show for your business requirements. We are here to address these specific concerns and to make the hiring process easier for you. We will help you take the right hiring decisions so that you can strait your time and efforts on what really matters – your cores of business.
Our permanent staffing solutions are designed to provide you access to a pool of fully screened and qualified professionals that are the right fit in your organization. We can find perfectly suited candidates from any industry of your choice with the fastest turnaround time. By engaging L-Man Services to handle your recruitment needs you can expect to find the right talent for your job roles, thus enabling you to take business decisions confidently without worrying about talent gaps and future uncertainties. Our experience as a top placement agency can help your organization find the resources you need to shape your future. With us, finding the ideal candidate is just a phone call away.

Why L-Man Services for Permanent Staffing?

We understand ourselves as your strategic partner for your hiring needs. We bring major experience and know-how to fulfill.
We specialized in finding talent at all levels that fits both your long-term and short-term business golas, as well as your organizational culture and value systems.
We use a combination of tech and human insight to find the right resource in record time.
We deploy state-of-the-art sourcing methods, including social and analytical functions, to find talent that can’t be found in job portals and other public domains or websites.

We will represent you professionally and take great care to ensure that your reputation and brand get enhanced by associating with us.
Our sourcing methodology is rigorous and intensive. We use sector-specific market research and deep professional networking to facilitate a dynamic hiring experience for everyone.

Temporary / Contract Staffing

Building an agile and flexible workforce requires an easy and fast access to expert talent, available on short notice. L-Man Services offers a pool of pre-screened talent, hired on our rolls, for middle and senior level positions. Our Contract Staffing Services allows organizations the ease and flexibility to scale their workforce based on demand. It also helps organizations onboard niche skills to their workforce for short duration workloads at the most competitive cost.

Temp-To-Hire Solutions

Our Temp-to-Hire services allow organizations the opportunity to evaluate a candidate over a period of time before on-boarding the candidate at the end of the contract period. Temp-to-Hire allows organizations determine not just the competency of the candidate but also the cultural and behavioural fit.

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