Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process Outsourcing


Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) companies provide talent acquisition services for professional and non-professional positions that solve compliance, scalability, cost, quality or other recruiting challenges. Businesses both large and small depend on internal teams to source high-quality talent, and with such a daunting task in front of them, even the best sourcing teams may need support. That is why more companies are partnering with recruitment process outsourcing companies to support their internal teams or are entirely outsourcing HR recruiting functions to streamline their talent acquisition and recruitment process.
L-Man Services RPO solutions simplify the talent acquisition process, by significantly increasing the number of qualified hires, while simultaneously lowering hiring costs and reducing fill time.
L-Man Services industry-leading recruitment process outsourcing solutions focus on methodology, measurable results and flexible solutions for every step of the hiring process. In short, L-Man Services RPO recruitment solutions help you take the guesswork out of talent acquisition.
If your organization is looking to bring more speed, agility, standardization and flexibility to your recruitment function, RPO is the right recruiting model for you.

REASONS TO ENGAGE L-Man Services RPO Services:

If your organization is looking for more speed, agility and flexibility in your recruiting processes

If you are looking to improve the quality of candidates applying to your positions or struggle to attract the right talent If your organization is looking for a more cost-effective and standardized recruiting process

If your organization’s current use of recruitment technology isn’t up to par and you are seeking a variety of digital upgrades specific to your organization’s recruiting objectives

If your organization is looking to increase diversity hiring, RPO providers can help you uncover new diverse talent recruitment sources and strategies

What is the difference between L-Man Services RPO Service vs. traditional staffing agencies?

The scope of traditional recruitment firms will be to source and place the candidate in the required role. Whereas L-Man Services RPO will takes ownership of the design and execution of the recruitment process which includes services such as:

Talent engagement

Candidate management

Strategic sourcing

Compliance and risk management

Hiring manager engagement

Recruitment analytics support

Employer brand consultation

Vendor partnering and supply chain management

Workforce planning

Pre-employment screening

Early careers/graduate recruitment

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