HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting Services

We offer you end to end solutions to complex HR challenges

Companies/Firms are finding it very difficult to attract, nurture and retain right kind of talent ensuring the organizational growth. L-Man Services provides comprehensive HR Solutions through a single window across various domains to enhance the success of your organization. Our customized HR Solutions are formulated based on organization needs hence, they are best suited for the business. Our services are designed to make a difference to human resource management through our unique methodologies. L-Man Services has exceptional strengths in ensuring well-timed and dependable delivery of HR solutions to clients across various sectors. Furthermore, in case of urgent ad-hoc requirements we depute our expert staff with the client. As an end to end HR consulting firm we support your growth & eliminate all your worries by eliminating your non-core activities.

HR Consulting Services offering by L-Man Services

Policies Development

Through L-Man Services HR policy development services, we help to clients for develop and streamline the HR policies and procedures of their firms. These include hiring, disciplinary code of conduct, Separation, workplace grievances, and other such matters. We consult clients throughout the process of policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Training and Development (T&D)

L-Man Services offers specialised HR improvement interventions to assist clients in optimizing the productivity of their employees. We implement HR strategies that align your employees with your business objectives. Our training programs and assessments are designed after understanding the value system, short and long term goals of our clients' businesses and its goals.

Performance Management system (PMS)

L-Man Services helps clients get the best out of their employees by implementing a robust, well-designed performance management system. In doing so, businesses benefit through improved employee productivity, freeing up more time for managements to work towards the strategic goals of the company.

Employee Grievances Management

Employee grievance management services of L-Man Services include disciplinary and grievance investigations and consulting. We help companies deal with grievance complaints, manage associated legal processes and documentation, in addition to providing guidance on grievance solutions.

Employee engagement

Ensuring engaged employees ensures the success of a company. This is because engaged employees promote positive customer experiences that in turn result in better financial outcomes and a loyal customer base. L-Man Services helps companies ensure employee engagement by managing disparities between the individual needs of their employees through better stress management, analysis of policy shortcomings, promotion of work-life balance among employees, and streamlining individual objectives with that of the company's.

Payroll management

For companies, the creation of a separate payroll management team may not be feasible. By outsourcing their payroll management tasks to us, companies benefit through on time precise payroll release, statutory compliance and redressal of payroll associated grievances.

Leave Management

By outsourcing their leave management needs, companies can simplify their leave tracking process. We help companies track all kinds of employee leaves easily, update managers on leave associated notifications and tasks, and analyze leave statistics of the company.

HR Statutory Compliances

L-Man Services helps clients ensure compliance with statutory regulations (Factories, Shops and Establishment licesnses, ESI, EPF and Professional Tax ,Form 16 , Income tax Savings) such as labor laws. We assist in the maintenance of registers, licensing, government inspections, etc. and offer companies advisory services on statutory compliances and associated tasks.

Corporate Advisory

We offer corporate advice in various domains, be it legal or financial, tax related or market related. We also assess risks factors involved in setting up a new business or while making changes to an already existing business.

Through our corporate advisory services, we help you with:

Project conceptualization

Capital structuring


Debt and equity syndication

Due diligence

Valuation of businesses

Corporate restructuring

Advisory on buying and selling

Deal financing

Joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions

Optimization of asset structure and capital portfolio

Corporate legal issues

Financial and taxation issues

Audit concerns

HR Audit :

L-Man Services HR Audit team will be work in three level process.

First level: Documents verification as per Business Laws

Middle level: Suggest the client to rectify as per business Laws

Final level: Report submission with suggestion for future documentations.

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