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We have already registered 10K companies in India!

Are you planning to start a business? Are you confused about what business type would be best for you? Leave your worries to us. We, at L-Man have answers to all your queries and confusions.

What is Startup Advisory?

All you need to know about Startup Advisory Services.

L-Man Startup Advisory is designed to help the new emerging entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures. That means if you are looking to start a new business, we will help you find a solution to all the confusions and queries that arise during the startup process.

When you have any queries as to how to start a business in India? What would be the best type of company would be best for me? The process of registration? The cost of registration etc. Don’t worry! We, at L-Man have a startup advisory where our highly qualified and experienced experts will be there to personally assist you and guide you regarding all of your queries related to your new venture.

All you have to do is subscribe to our Startup advisory Services and follow some simple steps, put in some brief information about your queries and we will assign you with an expert suitable to your query from our team of highly qualified experts. The expert will call you as per the time slot provided to you and try to resolve all of your queries you listed.

For example, If you are starting a business and don’t have a clue whether you should be registering as a private limited company or as an OPC or as an LLP or have queries regarding the registration process? You can raise your query to team L-Man by subscribing to our Startup Advisory Services. Then our team will assign you with an expert from our team who will call you as per your preferred time slot and resolve your query on call.

Queries that you would that answers for

Queries that would be attended

Queries related to the best form for your business

Queries related to pros and cons of various forms of business

Queries related to registration process

Queries related to setting up of company by a foreigner in India

Queries relating to your Intellectual Property such as trademarks and brand name

Queries that are being obstacle in way of starting business

Queries that would not be attended

Any queries other than related to startup would not be attended

Any queries related to already registered business

Tax related matters- for that you can Contact to our Tax Consultancy Services

Put up your query & provide the Documents

When you will purchase our tax consultancy service, you will be directed to fill up your queries along with any documents for e.g. what type of business you want to chose, what would be the procedure for registration etc. with all the possible details from your end to help you better. Also attach documents if any and any relevant material related to your queries. Our compliance manager will get back to you with the next step after verifying your documents and details.

Choose the time slot & Make the Payment

Then you will be given the options to choose from the available time slots to talk to our expert for 30 mins, 45 mins, or 60 mins. You can choose the time slot that is suitable to you and for the time duration that you think your queries will take. The next thing you need to do is make the payment for the time slot that you have chosen. In case you think your queries will take more than prescribed time limit in one slot, you can purchase and pay for multiple sessions. You can make the payment online very easily.

Session with expert to give you solution

After you have chosen the time slot you will be assigned to an expert in the field who will be eligible in solving your queries. The L-Man expert will call you as per the time slot provided to you. On call our expert will try and give you the best possible solution to all of your queries that you have earlier informed us about and other queries related to the questions mentioned. The L-Man expert will try their best to clear your doubts and will further assist you with any service related matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How LLP is different from a partnership firm?

    Partnership firm and partners are not regarded as separate legal entities and partners are personally liable for an unlimited amount of liability of partnership firm. But, in LLP, partners are not personally liable as the liability is limited to the capital contribution of the partner.

  • 2. What are the main advantages of LLP?

    Considered as a separate legal entity.
    The right of owning property is in its own name. Also, the transfer becomes easy.
    The life of LLP does not depend on partners. It has perpetual existence. It can be dissolved only by promoters.
    Partners are not liable for any liabilities of LLP, As LLP in itself is a separate legal entity. One partner is not liable for the misconduct of another partner.
    Funding becomes easier as Banks and financial institutions give you loan easily if you have LLP.

  • 3. For what type of business LLP is most suitable?

    LLP is suitable for small and medium businesses.

  • 4. Who can become a partner in LLP?

    Any a person whether be it an individual or a body corporate can become a partner in LLP./p>

  • 5. What is the LLP Agreement?

    LLP agreement is signed and executed among the LLP partners. The LLP agreement must be submitted to roc for incorporating the same.

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