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GST Registration-All You Need to Know

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What is GST Registration?

Goods and Service Tax is an indirect tax (whose burden can be transferred). It was embarked on 1st July 2017 by the President of India accompanied by the Indian government. The GST launch was marked as a historic midnight session for both the houses of the parliament convened at the Central Hall of Parliament.

However, high-profile guests from the business and entertainment sector such as Ratan Tata were the attendees of the session. The critics of the GST certificate were boycotting it because of the potential problems it could create for the middle and lower class.

What is the purpose of GST?

The primary objective of the GST certificate is to eradicate the double taxation or tax on tax which cascades at different levels of manufacturing to consumption.

Thus, it supersedes the number of Central taxes such as Excise Duty, Service Tax, CST, and State tax such as VAT (Value added tax), Octroi, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax.

To be noted, GST is charged at each step of the supply chain. Thus an individual has to pay GST at three levels of the supply chain: the purchase of raw materials, selling to wholesalers, and selling to consumers.

Additionally, taxpayers who comprise a turnover below Rs 1.5 crore can apply for the composition scheme, which will prevent the taxpayer from tedious formalities of GST and pay GST at a fixed rate of turnover.

Benefits of GST Registration

Eradicate the tumbling effect of the tax.

Provide choice to the small taxpayers, comprising some category of service providers and manufacturing with turnover equal to Rs 20 lakh to pay tax at flat rate excluding credits.

Assist in keeping the minimal level of exempted goods and services.

Ameliorate logistics efficiency.

The exemption limit applies to SGST and CGST and taxpayers with a turnover of Rs 20 lakh (in some hilly and Northeastern areas, annual turnover restraint is Rs 10 lakh), under Article 279A.

Initially, the taxes imposed on the sale of goods and services are contemporary due to the supply of goods and services.

Documents For GST Registration Online

To acquire the GST certificate, every business structure (private limited company, Limited Liability Partnership, One Person Company, etc.) must submit different documents. Below-mentioned is the list of general documents for GST registration online/ documents for GST registration certificate you are required to submit,

  • Documents For GST Registration Certificate For Sole Proprietorship

    Identity proof of the proprietor such as PAN, Aadhar card, Driving license, etc. Address proof, it could be electricity bill, water bill, etc..

  • GST Registration Certificate Documents Required For Limited Liability Partnership

    LLP PAN card.

    Identity proof of partners.

    Address proof of partners.

    LLP agreement.

  • GST Registration Certificate Documents Required For Private Limited Company

    dentity proof of the directors such as Passport, PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID card, etc.

    Address proof of the directors such as electricity bill, bank statement, telephone bill, etc.

    PAN Card of the company.

    Article of Association (AOA) of the company.

    Memorandum of Association (MoA) of the company.

    Each board member should sign the resolution.

The Process of GST Registration Online | GST Cetificate Process | GST Registration Certificate Process

Login credentials will be generated by creating a profile under "New Registration" option on the GST official portal.

After registration, TRN number will be generated

Once the TRN number is generated, the information or documents for GST registration online will be provided or affixed.

The application will be submitted either through E-signed method or Electronic Verification Code or in the case of the registration of companies, Digital Signature Certificate must be obtained.

Once the application is submitted, ARN number will be generated (to track the application status).

Note- After obtaining TRN, you need to complete the GST process in 15 consecutive days.

The process of GST registration/ GST certificate process is perplexing and tedious, yet, necessary to complete to avoid penalties. Thus, a GST registration consultants would be of great help for your convenience and to guide you throughout the process of GST registration certificate or to appropriately submit the documents for GST registration online.

L-Man Services is Hyderabad’s compliance service provider with the experience of 10+ years, services while ensuring standard services from our knowledgeable GST registration consultant. Our services have been exemplary, which is evident because we have provided our professional assistance to highly reputed companies.

Therefore, our GST certificate services/ GST check online services are apt and nonpareil.

Our Role in GST Registration

Our GST registration consultants will provide you with complete assistance throughout the process of GST registration online.

Our GST registration consultant will ensure to help you with documentation to avoid inaccuracy and ensure the availability of documents for GST registration when required.

To enhance your convenience, our GST registration consultant will keep track of your GST registration online.

Our GST certificate consultants guarantee to keep you informed and ensure to provide you with proper follow-ups.

In case of any query, GST registration consultant will provide you with the most satisfactory solution regarding GST certificate or GST registration check or GST Check Online.

How to Do GST Verification | GST Check Online | GST Registration Status

GST registration status or GST Verification can be done through below mentioned 4 steps,

Visit official GST website for GST verification/ GST registration status.

The next step involved in GST Check Online is to click on, "search taxpayer."

Thereafter, click on, "search by GSTIN/ UIN," for GST registration check.

Provide your GSTIN or UIN number for GST verification.

GST registration check or GST Check Online includes mentioned four steps, moreover, anyone with PAN card and GSTIN number can complete the GST verification within a few seconds. However, if talk what does GST Check Online or GST Verification would reflect, then through GST Verification you can check whether a company obtaining GST certificate is active or not, what services a company provides, whether a company obtaining GST certificate has filed tax return not.

Moreover, GST verification does not involved a comprehensive process and the documents for GST registration status check are PAN card or GSTIN number can help you complete the GST verification done, considering that detailed obtained throughGST registration check or GST Check Online are public.


As mentioned, GST registration online is challenging, any delay in filling the application or late submission of documents for GST registration could impose a penalty. As a result, a company/firm requires professional assistance to complete the GST registration certificate process.

Thus, we have been an exemplary example to understand the needs of our clients and complete the GST certificate process successfully because our GST registration consultant will provide you prompt and high-standard services while ensuring the convenience of our clients at a reasonable cost.

Hence, for expert and professional services, contact our GST registration consultant immediately for GST registration check or GST Check Online and GST registration certificate. Be it understanding the requirement of documents for GST registration to GST registration certificate, GST registration consultant have got you covered.

Have Questions? We've got answers

Who Needs to Obtain GST Registration?

GST registration is essential to obtain by the business engaged in purchasing and selling the goods and services.

Moreover, it is mandatory to obtain by the companies having annual turnover above Rs 40 lakh for the supply of goods and Rs 20 lakh for the supply of services.

Businesses engage in the interstate external supply of goods.

Likewise, businesses engage in taxable supplies on behalf of other taxable individuals such as agents, brokers, etc.

Are There Any Penalties For Late or Not Filling For GST?

Assuredly, if a company apply for GST late or not fill the GST, it has faced legal actions,

Penalty For Late Filing

For the late filing, you are required to pay Rs 100 for each late day. Moreover, Rs 200 needs to be paid for each SGST and CGST.

Additionally, the amount could increase up to Rs 5,000, including a deposit of 18% tax per annum.

Penalty For Not Filling

If a company fails to fill any of the GST, you need to file the pending one to file the successive one.

Note- With no determination of deceit or tax evasion, you have to face the penalty of 10% or at least Rs 10,000, including jail for some years pivots on the tax amount.

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