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What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a form of electronic signature, that is a mathematical algorithm used to reflect that a digital key is issued by authenticated authority. Moreover, a digital signature acts as a digital fingerprint that is unique for every individual or establishment.
According to the provision of the Information Technology Act, 2000, digital signatures should be used on electronically submitted documents to ensure authenticity and security. For instance, filling completed by companies or LLPs under the MCA21 E-governance program required a digital certificate signed by the authorized person on the filled documents.

What is a DSC certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a safe digital key that reflects the authenticated identity of the certificate holder that is issued by the sanctioned Certifying Authorities.

Can a foreign national obtain DSC certificate?

Yes, a foreign national can obtain DSC certificate under section 3 of Identity Verification Guidelines (CCA-IVG).

Benefits of DSC Registration | Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate

Ensure Authenticity and Integrity

In an establishment, a message often includes the information regarding the sender of a message, that information could be unreliable. As a result of this, a digital signature certificate (DSC registration) is a perfect tool to authenticate the identity of the sender or message source.

Thus, the possession of a digital signature certificate (DSC registration) is bound to the identity of the user.

For instance, a bank office sends a message to the Central office to change a balance in a specific account. Moreover, acting on such a request without fully convincing (message not including digital signature certificate) would be an aberration.

Apart from ensuring authenticity, a (Digital Signature Certificate) DSC certificate also guarantees integrity, especially when there is a possibility to maintain the confidence that the message has not been modified during transmission. Thus, to maintain the integrity of the message, any change in the message will nullify the digital signature.

Afterward, the message can not alter the digital signature’s affix because it will be considered computationally improbable.

Saves Time and Cost

A DSC certificate ensures the smooth flow of activities of an establishment and reduces the dependency on a person because it allows an individual to sign the documents just with a click. Also, an individual does not have to be present in the establishment because, with the help of a digital signature, a person can sign the document from any location.

Serve as a Legal Evidence

As per the Information and Technology Act, 2000, a DSC certificate can serve as evidence in court like any other signed document.

Ensures Global Acceptance

AA DSC certificate is not only acceptable in government bodies such as MCA, GST, Income Tax, etc. But it is acceptable worldwide because it ensures security and authenticity.
Also, it provides excellent assistance in obtaining government tenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Class 1 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

    Individuals and businesses use class 1 certificates or private subscribers to validate the user’s name and email as mentioned in the database of the consumer.
    To be noted, it is an ordinary assurance and is not considered essential.

  • 2. Class 2 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

    As a Class 1 certificate, a Class 2 certificate is used by businesses and private subscribers to validate their database information. It is used during substantial risk of malicious activity such as monetary transactions to acquire personal information of someone and other such activities.
    Apart from using it during substantial risk, it is also helpful in filling the government tenders/forms.

  • 3. Class 3 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

    It is an improved version of the Class 2 certificate for individuals and organizations with the motive to acquire government/online tenders or auctions.

How Does DSC Certificate/ DSC Registration Work?

DSC works by demonstrating that a message can not be altered intentionally or unintentionally after being signed. It is done by creating a unique hash of the message, document and encrypting it using a private sender key.
As mentioned, the hash of a particular message is unique, and if the message is altered, its hash will be modified.
So, when a sender sends a message to the recipient, it contains a digital signature that is obtained through DSC registration. To decrypt the sender’s hash, the recipient generates its hash through the sender's public key.
Further, the hash of the sender and recipient should match that would be considered as that the message is not altered and the sender is authenticated.

Documents Required to Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Online (Apply for DSC) | Documents For DSC Registration

  • Documents Required For Individual to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate online

    Identity proof such as driving license, passport, and other ID proof authorized by the government.

    Address proof.

    PAN card.

    Proof from attesting officer.

  • Documents Required For an Organization to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate online

    PAN of organization or establishment.

    If required, you need to submit the Partnership Deed.

    Certificate of GST.

    List of Authorised Signatory could be the list of directors, Board Resolution, etc.

  • Documents Required For Foreign Individuals and Organizations to Apply for Digital Signature Certificate online

    Replica of passport of the applicant.

    If the applicant lives in India, you must submit the photocopy of the Resident Permit Certificate.

    If a candidate lives in a foreign country, you have to provide a photocopy of your VISA.

    Replica to address proof issued by the government.

How to Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Online |
DSC Registration Process

Below-mentioned are the registration process of how to apply for Digital Signature Certificate online/ Apply for DSC (DSC registration),

  • Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Online For Director

    Visit the homepage of the MCA portal and click on “Register DCS.”

    You will be redirected to the next screen, choose “Director,” and enter DIN (Director Identification Number).

    As you enter the DIN, the system will verify it. If you have entered the wrong DIN or if DIN is not approved, the system will show an error.

    Next, as per DIR-3, fill in the required information. However, if the candidate filled the DIR-6, you need to submit the DIR-6 form.

    As you will click “Next,” the system will confirm the mentioned details.

    After verifying your details, the system will immediately ask you to select the DSC.

    To select the DSC, click on “Select Certificate” to browse and choose the certificate.

    After selecting the DSC, you will be informed if a DSC is already registered with the given DIN. However, if a different DSC is registered with the same DIN, you would be asked to update the DSC.

    Further, you have to type the system-generated text in the box for verification.

    Click on “I agree” to agree that the information given by you is accurate.

    Then, click on “Submit.”

    As you will get an acknowledgment message, for further reference, take a printout.

    Note- If the details mentioned in forms DIR-3 or DIR-6 do not match, maybe due to lack of information concerning the DIN application, you can obtain the data from the company.

  • Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Online For Practising Professional

    Visit the MCA homepage and click on “Register DCS.”

    On the next screen, choose “Practising Professional” and fill in the required information according to the records provided in the professional institute.

    As you click on “Next,” the system will automatically verify the information with the concerned institute.

    After verifying, if the information provided by you are accurate, you have to enter the Income Tax PAN.

    As you will verify and confirm the PAN, you would have to select the DSC by clicking on “Select Certificate.”

    Now, for verification, type the system-generated text in the box.

    Choose “I agree” to declare that information provided by you is accurate.

    Last, click on “submit” to submit your details to the authority.

    Print the acknowledgment slip for future reference.

    Note- The information you have filled in should match the record provided by the professional institute. If not, the system will show an error. Consequently, you can obtain the details from the professional institute.

  • Apply For Digital Signature Certificate Online For Manager/Secretary/CEO/CFO

    Visit the MCA portal and click on “Register DSC.”

    IAs you move to the next page, click on “Manager/Secretary/CEO/CFO.”

    Filled in the details of Income Tax PAN and other information as per DIR-3 Form.

    Afterward, click on “Next,” and the system will confirm details filled by you are accurate or not.

    If your details are accurate, you are required to select a DSC by clicking on “Select Certificate.”

    Now, browse and choose a DSC certificate. For verification, type the system-generated text in the provided box.

    After typing the text, click on “I agree” to declare that the information given by you is precise.

    To register for DSC, click on “submit.”

    Take the printout of the acknowledgment receipt.

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Have Questions Regarding DSC Registration? We've got answers.

  • Who is a Digital Certifying Authority?

    As per the Information and Technology Act, 2000, any individual or establishment who holds the authority to issue DSC is known as the Certifying Authority or CA.

  • What is the validity of DSC?

    Digital Signature Certificate has the validity of one to two years. However, you can renew DSC after its expiration.

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