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Copyright Registration - An Exclusive Right To Protect Original Work

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What is Copyright?

Copyright is the legal authority of the owner of intellectual property. In other words, copyright provides exclusive rights to replicate the work of the original creator of products and other items, typically restricted to one person.

What does copyright protect?

Copyright is intellectual property that protects the original work of authorship comprising musical, literary, dramatic, and artistic works such as novels, poems, songs, computer software, movies, and architecture.
Moreover, it does not protect the ideas, facts, methods of operation, or system. However, it might defend how these are expressed.

Is copyright registration mandatory?

As per the decision of the court dated 20th May 2021, it is not mandatory to obtain the copyright registration as according to the Copyright Act, 1957 Section 45, which deals with copyright registration, uses the word “may.” So that indicates that copyright registration is not mandatory.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Legal Proof of Ownership

As mentioned, copyright prevents the work of the original creator from being replicated by an unauthorized person. However, even after copyright registration, if someone facsimiles the work, the legal owner can easily avoid the costly dispute regarding the actual ownership of the work.
Ergo, copyright will serve as legal evidence of ownership.
Moreover, in the case of copyright infringement, the original creator/owner of the work has the authority to sue the infringer.

Public Notice of Your Evidence

A registered work under Copyright Law will be noted in the copyright record. That will allow the public to observe that it’s your work. Thus, it provides constructive evidence against innocent infringement. Thus, you can exhibit your work with complete protection.

Transfer of Copyright

Transferring and selling copyright work is unchallenging because any other person except the owner does not have the authority to do the same

Benefits of Copyright Registration

Applicants should enclose the application with the mentioned fee by postal order/demand draft favoring “Registrar of Copyright” payable at New Delhi.

Under Copyright Amendment Rule, 2013, the candidate requires sending a registered replica of Form XIV, SoP, and SoFP to each member who claims to have or is interested in the subject matter of copyright/disputes the applicant’s right to it.

An applicant comprising Statement of Particulars (SoP) and Statement of Further Particulars (SoFP) should sign Form XIV.

In col.2 of SoP, the applicant’s name, address, and nationality should be filled.

In col.3 of SoP, the applicant must clarify whether he is an author, publisher, owner, or assignee.

In col.4 of SoP, specify the class and description of work.

In col.5 of SoP, specify the title of the work.

In col.6, mention every language of the work.

In col.7 of SoP, specify the name, address, and nationality of the authority. Also, if the author is deceased, specify the date of the deceased.

According to col.7 of SoP, affix the original Non-objection Certificate from the original author when submitting the author’s work. To indicate that the author has no objection to copyright the work on the applicant’s name and including the information whether an author is a partner or sole proprietor, or employee of the applicant.

In col.8 of SoP, specify whether the work has been published or not.

In col.9 of SoP, specify the country and year of the first publication, including the publisher’s name, address, and nationality.

In col.10 of SoP, specify the subsequent years and countries of the publication, including the publisher’s name, address, and nationality, if any.

In col.11 of SoP, specify the name, address, and nationality of the owners of several rights, including copyright of work, and extend ownership of each publisher, including the particulars license and assignment (if any).

In col.12 of SoP will include the name, address, and nationality of the other individuals to whom the author desires to assign/license the rights, including copyrights.

In col.13 of SoP, in the case of “Artistic work,” the applicant is required to specify the location of the actual work.

In col. 14 of SoP, affix the certification from the Registrar of Trademarks concerning the proviso to Copyright Amendment Rule, 2013 (in case of “Artistic work” which can be or can be used in respect to any goods.”

In col.15 of SoP, if the Artistic work is registered under the Designs Act 2000, specify its details.

In col.16 of SoP, in case “Artistic work” can be registered as a design under Designs Act 2000, provide the information regarding whether it has applied for an article or not. However, if yes, give the details of how many times it has replicated.

The organization can not be the author. Thus, you are required to provide the information of the person who fabricates the work.

In the case of “Artistic work,” affix two similar replicas of original artwork (which should have an indistinguishable size or design or color) that should be similar to the original work attached with the Search Certificate.

You must provide the information (name, address, and nationality) of the individuals whose pictures appear on the work.

If the work is published by an individual other than the applicant/candidate, the applicant may have to submit the original NOC acquired from the firm or individual.

If an advocate is filling the application on behalf of an applicant, you must submit the Power of Attorney.

Documents Required For Copyright Registration in India

Mention the applicant’s details, such as name, address, and nationality.

Provide the information of the author, such as name, address, and nationality.

Nature of candidate’s interest in the copyright (whether the candidate or applicant is the owner or representative of the work).

Identity proof of the owner.

In the case of business, you are required to submit the certificate of incorporation.

Replica of original work.

Mention information regarding class and nature of work.

Title of work.

Language of work.

Date of publication, i.e., publication in an internal magazine such as a company magazine.

If the author of the work is deceased, you are required to submit the date of decease.

If any person is authorized to assign/license the copyright rights, you must submit the individuals’ name, address, and nationality.

In the case of “Artistic work,” you are required to submit the details of the original work, including the name, address, and nationality of an individual possessing the work. Moreover, in the case of architectural work, mention the year of completion of work.

In the case of “Artistic work,” which is used or can be used to respect the goods, affix the certification from the Registrar of Trademarks concerning the provision of Sub-section (i) of Section 45 Copyright, 1957.

In the case of years and countries of the subsequent publisher, you need to submit the authors’ name, address, and nationality.

Accordingly, our team guarantees to assist you in procuring the documents required for copyright registration in India to avoid every possible inaccuracy. Thus, we will ensure a smooth procedure.

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The Process of Copyright Registration

Register yourself by visiting the official website click on “New Registration.”

After registration, click the “Online Copyright Registration” link.

Fill the Form XIV by providing all the required information.

As you move to the next step, you have to upload the scanned signature.

After uploading the signature, fill in the Statement of Particulars (SoP) and Statement of Further Particulars (SoFP).

At last, make the payment after affixing all the required documents.

As you complete the registration process, a “Diary number” will be generated (note it for future reference).

Also, download the acknowledgment slip after a successful registration.


Upload Artistic work in the form of PDF or JPG.

Literary or dramatic music and software work should be uploaded in PDF below 5 MB.<

Sound recording work needs to be submitted in MP3 format.

Our Role in Copyright Registration

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As it seems, copyright is not mandatory yet essential to protect your work from being replicated. Therefore, acquiring a copyright certificate to protect work will provide you legal proof of ownership, easy to transfer copyright, and provide public notice of work.

However, on the other hand, obtaining the same could not be as easy as it seems because it requires proper knowledge regarding documents required for copyright registration in India and filling in the relevant details in the application. If not, it could result in the rejection of an application.

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