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Online private limited company registration in India

Private Ltd Company is one of the easiest, popular & affordable ways to have legal identification for your business. Private Ltd Company is governed by the Companies Act, 2013. The Pvt Ltd company can attract funding from a bank or financial institutions easily due to legal identification. The private limited company registration process is easy and also it is easier to restructure or wind up the business if such need arises. You can opt for online private limited company registration in India which is cost & time savvy. Pvt Ltd Company can be incorporated online through L-Man Services Private Limited.

What will you get?

Digital Signature for 2 Directors

DIN Numbers for 2 Directors

2 Hard Copies of MOA and AOA ( In soft copy also)

All Company Incorporation Process ( Incorporation Certificate)

All Government Fees Included

PAN Card

TAN Number ( For Deducting TDS)

Bank Account Opening (Documentation Support)

How to Register Pvt. Ltd. Company Online?

Duration: The duration of the Pvt Ltd company registration process will be minimum of 15 days.

Complete our Query Form

Company name availability search

Documents submission

Filing of application with MCA

Obtain Incorporation certificate within 12-15 Days

Documents Required for Pvt. Ltd. Company Registration:

ID Proof (PAN Card)

Address Proof 1(Voter ID/Passport/Driving License)

Address Proof 2(Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Bank Statement)

Aadhaar Card


Electricity Bill and Rent Agreement of premises

Client Questionnaire

"There are various compliances under the Companies Act 2013 which are required to be followed after incorporation of a Company. Managing the day to day operations of your business along with complying the corporate laws can be difficult and confusing for any entrepreneur. Therefore, it is essential to take the help of a professional for corporate law compliance services. Professionals providing corporate secretarial services also ensure timely fulfillment of compliances, without any levy of interest or penalty. Nowadays you can easily find online corporate secretarial services or corporate law compliance Services through our online directory of L-MAN Services."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it necessary to have 2 directors for Private Limited Company Registration?

    Yes, it is mandatory to have at least two directors in a Pvt Ltd company. Whereas the maximum number of members can be up to 200. If you are the sole owner, you can register as a One Person Company.

  • How to register Private Limited Company?

    Though you can choose an online mode to register Pvt Ltd Company in India but private limited company registration process includes documentation, certification & verification by the CA or CS or CMA. Hence it is recommended to take help of such professionals for a smooth process.

  • Is Pvt Ltd company registration process difficult?

    No, now you can opt for online pvt ltd company registration in India where you can submit your application online along with the required documents.

  • What are the advantages of pvt ltd company?

    The advantages of Pvt Ltd Company are as follows:-

    Only two Directors is required to meet the minimum eligibility criteria.

    Easy Setup and suitable for Growing Startups.

    The Liability of Members is limited.

    Increased Credibility.

    Easy to raise funds from Investors.

    ESOP Option is also available to Motivate Employees.

  • How to check Pvt Ltd company registration?

    You can check Pvt Ltd company registration number as follows:
    Company’s certificate of incorporation. The company name and company number are both written on the incorporation certificate issued by MCA. You can check the registration number in the MCA database also.

  • How much is the Pvt Ltd company registration fees?

    The Private limited company registration fees include ROC fees, professional service fees and certification charges.

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